Foto: Jeanne Surmont
Foto: Jeanne Surmont

Feel your emotions and integrate your childhood trauma

The way to solve problems and to live a fulfilling life.

My entire work focuses to help you to learn how to deal with your emotions and feelings and to integrate them into your core being. People who are able to turn towards their own emotions and are willing to feel, live fully present in the moment without trying to repel negative emotions vehemently nor to desperately hold on to positive emotions. Feeling can resolve various psychological or physiological problems and blockages and reconnect you to your own essence, your potential and to other people. Feeling is your inner guiding system that can direct you towards a meaningful, fulfilling and peaceful life. I would be honoured to guide you on your journey and to offer you a safe environment where all your issues and problems have a place. 


The two methods I am mainly working with are "The Completion Process" by Teal Swan and "The Keys to the Heart" by Safi Nidiaye. 


If one or more of the following statements apply to you and you need assistance, I would be happy to guide you through this journey and hold space for you:


 "I want to...

Recover from my childhood

Find the cause for my problems or crisis

Integrate traumatic experiences

Break the vicious circle of fear

Find a place in this world

Overcome the dark night of the soul

Face my shadows

Solve unhealthy family patterns and imprints

Embrace my inner children

Get out of my head

Connect to the inner and true self

Learn to perceive and allow my feelings

Learn to feel again

Express my feelings creatively

Train mindfulness, compassion and empathy

Take responsibility for my own emotions and feelings

I am pregnant and want to prepare myself emotionally to my child's birth

Learn how to welcome my newborn child

Get along with my children

Discover my inner world

Treat myself in a compassionate and loving way

Open and connect to my heart

Love myself the way I am."