Emotion Therapy
Foto: Jeanne Surmont

The Keys to the Heart Method

The way to emotional consciousness and integration

The Keys to the Heart (Body-centered Heart Work in German) is a method of self perception and awareness. It allows in a direct way to consciously trace suppressed and hidden emotions in the body and to open the heart for them (integrate). The Keys to the Heart uses the same neutral, breath-related attention than Zen meditation. Unlike Zen, the attention focuses on specific areas of the body and themes or issues.


The Keys to the Heart war developed by the author and meditation teacher Safi Nidiaye. I started myself with the Keys to the Heart many years ago and I am trained and certified by Safi Nidiaye for one-on-one sessions.

Who can benefit from The Keys to the Heart Method?

People who suffer from psychological or physical problems due to stress and crisis can highly benefit from the Keys to the Heart. It is also an excellent method to deal with high sensitivity and a wonderful tool for people that have already discovered suppressed emotions as the source of their psychological or physical problems. The Heart Work can also help to break through false identifications and beliefs, as emotions are always linked to cognitive processes. The aim of the Heart Work is to approve all your emotions and to integrate them in the core of our being (the heart). This can bring peace and resolve problematic issues.