heART by Jeanne Sumont
heART by Jeanne Sumont

Online Therapy

The alternative to a classical setting

If you cannot or don't want to come personally, the alternative is online therapy via videophone, telefone, chat and email. It is the media I choose with clients around the globe. The results from online session are as effective as on site face-to-face sessions. You can find scientific evidence, e.g. at the Online Therapy Institute or in a study from the University of Cambridge). Online therapy has compared to the classical therapy settings also some advantages.


Advantages of Online Therapy

Psychotherapeutic care in underserved areas

Support even when you are on business trips or on vacation

Support at home if you are physically or psychologically disabled

Support at home if you have children

You safe time and efforts to go to the practice

 You can stay in your familiar environment