Foto: Jeanne Surmont, Portugal
Foto: Jeanne Surmont, Portugal

Working with me

Why I do what I do

I believe that humans are able to go right to the core of their being and bring about changes for themselves and for the world. The path may be painful, but I also believe that we can master pain und suffering. Within us lies the treasure of heartfelt joy and peace. I go myself this path since many years and it touches me every time I can support someone on this path and see them change, mature, grow and develop. That is the reason why I do what I do. 

My role

I see my role as to hold space for you in which all of your themes and issues have a place, can be looked at and traced back to their origin. I will guide and support you to become aware of your thoughts, your body, your emotions, your feelings and your potentials. It is recognizing your own truth that no-one else can reveal but you and that demands nothing else than to be approved and embraced by your own beingness. Nobody in this world can do this for you, no therapist, no partner, no teacher, no parent. I would be honoured to help you to take responsibility for yourself, to discover the treasures in your heart and become the creator of your life.  

My services

Some issues need the space of a one-on-one session, especially for people that open up when they feel unobserved and need some intimicy to feel safe. Other themes will only surface in a group setting. 


One-on-One Session

We can have the one-on-one sessions online (via Skype or Phone) or if you live in/around Munich or want to come to Munich, you can come to my place. I also do home visits in case you need on site support in your home. A session usually lasts 1,5 hours. Please see for more details:

Group-supported work in the Herzkreis (Heart Circle)

The Herzkreis is held in German and takes place once a month in Munich. It is a 3 hours group-supported work for a limited number of people. Prerequisite to participate is that you have had at least 1 one-on-one session with me in order to decide whether the group setting is something for you. If you are interested I will include you in a closed email distribution list that receives invitations regularly.


The Herzkreis is especially valuable because often own suppressed stories or memories can surface from the story of someone else in the group. It is also a place where everyone in the circle supports everyone with presence and openness which in and of itself can have a healing effect. 


The costs are lower than a one-on-one session. It is my contribution to enable everyone to come and continuously take a look at own themes in a safe environment. Contact me and we will discuss any questions you have.