Foto: Jeanne Surmont, Ammersee
Foto: Jeanne Surmont, Ammersee

Trauma Integration with the Completion Process

Working with shadows & inner children to integrate trauma

Shadows are unconscious aspects that were suppressed from the conscious experience because living the experience was unbearable, unacceptable and too painful. The human psyche is able to create a rift or separation in order to remove itself out of the experience. However, over time this separation can lead to problems, crisis, disorders and serious diseases. The troubles of life are the calling of these aspects to get out of the shadow and to be integrated into the core being. It's a process that helps to overcome the rift and to become whole again. The method I use is The Completion Process. It was developed by the US American Teal Swan to heal from traumatic experiences. The Completion Process works essentially with emotions of inner children and aims to integrate them into the adult self. I was part of Teal Swan's first European Group of Trainees and I am certified by her since May 2016:

Completion Process

The Completion Process was developed by the US American Teal Swan. The process is designed to discover the root cause of current problems and to resolve them. 

The Safe Place

The safe place may become important when working with trauma. It allows the traumatised aspects to experience safety and unconditional and loving care.

The Inner Child

The trauma integration work focuses on wounded and hurt inner children, that often make themselve noticed by charged emotions (triggers), which are a calling to be included and integrated in the adult self.