Foto: Jeanne Surmont
Foto: Jeanne Surmont

Art Therapy

The art expressing emotions creatively

Art therapy is beneficial for a non-verbal form of therapy. It is a medium to express oneself where verbal language fails or what cannot be said. Art therapy also serves to establish self-trust and to develop or strengthen one's own identity through the creative process. The human being can mature and be nourished.


Art therapy is also an excellent modality to stabilize and calm the nervous system by focusing on the resources that we have. This strengthen the ability to better cope with difficult situations and allows to have an anchor when one is ready to explore and uncover the deeper layers of the psyche.  


I personally like to combine art therapy with trauma therapy, because art therapy techniques can incredibly well support and document the trauma integration session and it helps to further integrate and nourish the traumatized aspects of the self. Colors, forms, textures and materials also help to experience and anchor positive emotions. Art therapy is also possible with online therapy. I usually will give you a suggestion what to create at home and we will discuss the painting or drawing during the next session. Artistic skills are not required. 


I was educated in art therapy by Thurid Stewart at the Art Institut in Munich. Thurid is a gifted and experienced art therapist and a pioneer in Germany. She herself has studied clinical art therapy with Helen Landgarten who herself was a pioneer in clinical art therapy in the USA. 

What art therapy can do

Time-out from speaking

Reduce stress and help relaxation

Strengthen resources

Strengthen confidence and self-value

Strengthen the feeling of being able to create and produce

Discover creative potential

Discover hidden or suppressed emotions

Express and release emotions

Discover unconsious conflicts and problems

Establish order in emotional chaos

Discover family structures and constellations

Try new and unconventional things in a safe environment

Explore limits and boundaries