Foto: Jeanne Surmont
Foto: Jeanne Surmont

The Safe Place

Life on earth is full of uncertainties and risks, especially in traumatic situations. Trauma confronts us with feelings of uncertainty up to life-threatening emotions. 


The safe place plays an important role during trauma integration. It's a place that is created in the mind and that can be accessed by the creator anytime. It's a place where we bring our traumatized aspects for healing and integration. It also serves as a solid foundation to learn to feel the positive emotion of safety. For some, it is the first time ever in their life. 


I want to encourage you to create your own individual safe place, even if you are not going to do any trauma work. In a hectic world full of stress and noise, a place that you create in our mind and in your heart can provide balm and rest for your soul. 


The place is very individual. There is no right or wrong. Let the place surface and unfold into your consciouness. You can also paint a drawing of it and add any details you wish or that feels good to you. The place can be a real location here on Earth, but it can also be perfectly in a different world. It can be a magic place where things become possible that would normally not be possible. You can also add beloved belongings from your childhood that made you feel safe and loved. There are no bounderies to your imagination and creativity.


You can access your safe place anytime, also if you just need to take a little rest.