heART by Jeanne Surmont
heART by Jeanne Surmont


Transformation and healing through the breath

Breathing is probably the most underestimated medicine. As long as the breath is available to us, we live. From the first breath that anchors us in this life and into our body to our last breath that releases us from this life. But most of the time we know little to nothing about the treasures our breath holds. The air we breathe is available to us and yet we usually do not direct and use it properly to improve our well-being and our life. Yet breathing correctly is not very difficult. It may take a bit of practice, but over time, amazing things can be transformed through the breath. 

What can I achieve through Breathwork?

The benefits of breathwork can be many on the mental, emotional and physical level. Positive changes can occur quickly without pharmaceuticals or lengthy therapies (especially mental therapies/coaching):


Breathe correctly

To feel again

Opening the heart

Releasing emotional, mental and physical blockages

Integrating and healing traumatic experiences (especially around conception womb time (gestation), birth trauma and early childhood)

Re-owning suppressed or split off soul parts

Getting in touch with inner children

Creating awareness for necessary changes

Feeling and strengthening connection, love and inner peace

Forgiveness work with living and deceased people

Revitalizing the body and freeing it from energy blockages

Promote healthy body cells through oxygenation

Improve clarity of the mindcreativity and well-being

Reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia

Saying 'yes' to life

Feel vitality again

Back to essentials

Practice self-love

What is breathwork with Clarity Breathwork?

There are several schools of breathwork. I am myself trained in Clarity Breathwork (formerly Rebirthing), a profound, nurturing and heart-centered method. Clarity Breathwork is more gentlethan holotropic breathwork, for example, yet no less effective, and has fewer if any unpleasant side effects such as tetany (muscle spasms). 


Clarity Breathwork is a dynamic breathing technique that consciously connects the breaths and allows the breath to flow circularly. This allows in the first place to bring the awareness into the body and into presence. As the session progresses, defense and suppression mechanisms can soften and allows unconscious material to surface into your conscious awarness. This enables the solution or release of deep-seated blockages on the mental, emotional and physical levels. Integration in the heart and healing of deep wounds and injuries are the result. Each breath journey is nevertheless unique and individual and shows us in a miraculous way what our innermost aspects want to reveal to us and what the soul is ready for. During the breath journey I remain in close exchange with the breather, providing guidance when necessary and holding a safe space with presence and empathy. 


When we consciously change the breath, we can directly influence our inner and outer states and thus bring about a change and may take decision to the well-being of all. My breath and my willingness to change my life in a sustainable way become medicine and I myself become the healer. 

What does a breathwork session look like?

A breathing session can take place in my practice room in Munich-Schwabing as well as online. A session lasts about 2 hours, 1 hour of which you will be just breathing.


At the beginning we clarify the topic, i.e. what keeps your mind busy or what activates you emotionally. You will also have time to formulate a clear intention for the session. The intention enables to keep the focus in the session and to give a direction to the inner process. Then I show you the breathing technique and you practice first in a sitting position.  


The actual breathing session takes place lying down. Usually, you will breathe for an hour with the breathing technique. I will accompany you closely during this hour. You will be able to share your experiences in between and thus remain in close exchange with me. This allows me to give you guidance, instruction and compassionate presence at all times to navigate well in your process. At the end of the session, we will discuss the steps to be able to integrate what you have experienced, the findings and insights well into your everyday life.