Foto: Jeanne Surmont, Mediterranean Sea
Foto: Jeanne Surmont, Mediterranean Sea

The Completion Process

The process to becoming whole again

Most people experience psychological trauma to a certain degree that can have an influence and impact for the rest of their life. With help of the Completion Process we can access the root cause of our problems and sufferings. Going from here, we can learn to integrate traumatized aspects into the current self and relase past experiences. 


The Completion Process was designed by the US American renowned spiritual teacher and author Teal Swan and released in fall 2016. Teal has developed the process from a combination of a wide range of extrasensory ablilities and therapeutic practices she used on herself to reclaim a life worth living after many years of severe traumatic abuse. Her mission is to bring this method to the world to help healing trauma. I am myself trained and certified by Teal Swan. 


In the following video Teal Swans introduces the Completion Process and explains how trauma is created and how we can find resolution: