Foto: Jeanne Surmont, the Alps with the Zugspitze
Foto: Jeanne Surmont, the Alps with the Zugspitze

Transformative Coaching

Inner change, outer change

Do you have the feeling to be surrounded by an insurmountable wall of fog and your inner compass seizes to show you directions? Where to go? You seem to have lost orientation and you don't know what the next step is in your life?


It does not matter if you feel like this at work, in your relationships or generally in your life, the situation is connected to deeper layers of your sub-consciousness. If you are willing to find the real causes of your current situation, you may witness the change and see the fog lifting. 

My coaching approach

My coaching approach addresses people that want to take the time and space to explore the causation of their problems and to find resolution first before continuing to set new targets and goals. In the first place this means not to run away from the state you are currently in, but to uncover any false beliefs, identification and resistance that has led to where you are. If you resonate with this approach, it may be time for a profound change by taking your attention and consciousness inside. I have developed a method that consists of 5 components to support this process:




With meditation techniques you will experience the positive effect of becoming still. You will learn to bring your body in a state of relaxation and to empty your mind. 



Mindfulness helps you learn to perceive or observe yourself and therefore to be able to adopt a distant perspective. This helps to see things in a neutral way which will serve you for the next step of this process. 



Courageously, you will deep dive to the ground of the matter: resistance, beliefs, fears, emotional blockages that prevent you to reach what you want. They are the causes when you stagnate and can't get what you were working or fighting for. Looking at this closely and uncover resistance is a key to move in the direction that is really wanted.



When you uncover and integrate resistance, you discover another part of yourself: a new side, a new strength, a new potential. All the sudden you may see clearly again. 



The new discovery naturally sets the new direction. Together we will develop the necessary goals and action steps that will align you and pull you where your soul really wants to go. 

What transformative coaching can do

Release resistance and blockages

Release false beliefs

Discover enthusiasm, potentials and strengths

Inner alignment

Balance head and heart

Desire for more in life

Courage to venture into new experiences

Experience flow

Clarity on life goals

Mind training

Personal growth & development

Leadership & responsibility